Fall Season Phosphate/Sulfur With MST

Fall fertilizer applications can free up time in the spring and can offer savings on fertilizer cost from earlier purchases. When looking for fertilizer options, Smart Nutrition™ MAP+MST® offers growers unparalleled phosphorus and sulfur nutrition suitable for both fall and spring applications to meet crop sulfur and phosphorus needs. Below shows average corn yield from […]

Sulvaris at AgSmart Expo

Sulvaris staff were pleased to attended the AgSmart Expo earlier this month hosted by Olds College of Agriculture & Technology to learn more about their Smart Farm, Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production and Field Crop Development Centre (FCDC), in addition to the many great talks from leaders within Alberta’s agrifood industry. Depicted below is the new […]

Phosphate MST for Soybeans

South American soybean farmers will soon be getting ready to plant again and are thinking about their fertilizer needs. Soybeans get all their nitrogen from biological nitrogen fixation, and generally do not benefit from fertilizer applied nitrogen. Phosphate MST® provides soybean farmers a well fitted product that does not add unnecessary nitrogen like MAP or […]

Sulvaris/Breton Plots Field Day

The University of Alberta Breton Plots were established in 1930 as a long-term continuous experiment evaluating crop rotations, fertilization, and liming. A lot of applied and fundamental research has come from these plots, including the importance of sulfur in crop production in these soils. The team at Sulvaris are grateful to help support the important research at […]

Urea MST on Sulfur Deficiencies

Crop, or no crop? In this case, sulfur is the deciding factor between the two. Depicted below shows what a relatively small application of sulfur (25kg S/ha) can do for a canola crop in a deficient soil. In this trial at the University of Alberta Breton Plots, we are seeing a greater response to sulfur fertilizer than […]

100,000 Hours Worked With No Lost Time Incidents

Sulvaris is excited to celebrate reaching 100,000 hours worked without a Lost Time Incident since we began tracking this in January of 2021! Workplace safety is extremely important to us to protect our valued employees and visitors. We continue to focus on improving safety conditions and protocols across all departments from our laboratory to the […]

CCT Emissions Study With U of A

Global food security relies heavily on nitrogen fertilizers to meet growing population food requirements which comes with a large carbon footprint. Nitrogen fertilizers applied to the soil have many loss pathways that not only reduce a grower’s bottom line due to yield reductions but also impact the surrounding environment releasing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) into […]

Employee Announcement

At Sulvaris, we take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating achievements of our outstanding employees. Today, we are thrilled to extend a hearty congratulations to Dr. Prem Pokharel on his recent PhD convocation from the University of Alberta. Prem has not only demonstrated exceptional talent, but also a remarkable work ethic throughout his academic pursuits and […]

MAP+MST Product Handling

MAP+MST® is a great product to replace ammonium sulfate in conventional phosphate blends to improve product handling and provide a more efficient source of sulfur. Working with International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) we have documented improved physical characteristics and reduced caking with MAP+MST® compared to competitive phosphate products and ammonium sulfate, which directly relate to product handling. […]

CCT Grant Awarded

In progressing Sulvaris’ Carbon Control Technology (CCT™), we are focused on the issues that matter within the fertilizer industry and agriculture as a whole. We aim to improve nutrient use efficiency, reduce waste, and improve agriculture’s impact on GHGs all while increasing crop yield. Sulvaris recently received a #Mitacs (Sherifat Buhari) Accelerate Grant (https://lnkd.in/gMA5UsR) in collaboration with […]