CCT ICFAR Pilot Plant

Sulvaris has been partnered with the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR) at the University of Western Ontario, since 2020. This partnership has the shared goal of developing Sulvaris’s Carbon Control Technology (CCT), which is a technology focused on utilizing waste biomass sources to produce an organo-mineral fertilizer product. Key partnerships like this allow […]

New CCT Patent

Sulvaris has recently filed a US provisional patent directed towards the enhanced efficiency of nitrogen and other nutrients within the carbon structure for fertilizer products being developed with our Carbon Control Technology (CCT™) platform. CCT™ has the potential to upcycle waste streams and contribute to a circular economy in a variety of industries that face sustainability challenges […]

Sulvaris Lab Grow Room

Our mission is to develop fertilizers that improve on the status quo by providing meaningful benefits to growers and the environment, and it is a year-round effort.Even in the depths of Canadian winters, when soils are frozen and the next crop is months away, we continue our agronomic evaluations indoors in our Calgary lab with […]

Sulvaris Pilot Plant

Soil sulphur levels have been declining for years, severely limiting crop production. By upcycling sulphur with our Micronized Sulphur Technology (MST®) Sulvaris aims to combat soil sulphur deficiencies and lessen its negative impact on global food security. Our pilot plant in Calgary, Alberta can produce MST® to test, validate and optimize various production processes for […]

Sulvaris Lab

We believe in transforming the perceptions of waste materials from a low value material to an opportunity that addresses global issues. We trust that our technologies will improve food security while reducing our impact on the environment. By upcycling a variety of waste materials, including biomass and sulphur, our technologies can be incorporated at fertilizer […]