CEO Announcement

Sulvaris Inc. (“Sulvaris”) a privately held company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta has announced the promotion of Jake Underwood to President and Chief Executive Officer effective January 2nd, 2023. Mr. Underwood served as the President and COO this past year and will transition into this new role previously held by company founder Rick Knoll. “We are excited to […]

Urea MST Trial Highlight

Sulvaris has successfully co granulated MST with Urea at a small scale commercial trial to produce a Urea MST fertilizer with 6-9% micronized sulfur.MST is a flexible technology that can be incorporated into any granular fertilizer product to provide a uniformly distributed source of sulfur within the granule. Learn more about MST here :


Harvest is in the bins and fertility decisions for next year’s crop are front of mind. Smart Nutrition MAP+MST® offers a strong option for fall or spring application to meet your sulfur and phosphorus needs, with demonstrated resistance to leaching. Average corn yield from fall or spring applied sulfur as ammonium sulfate (AMS), or Smart Nutrition […]

Sulfur Deficiency on Leaves

Sulfur deficiency can express itself as pale green coloration and yellow stripes on the new leaves (left). It can also be visible as a shorter crop and smaller ears. Deficiencies can be highly variable within a field and greatly impact crop production. MAP+MST® is used as the sole sulfur source for picture on the right. (Stoneville MS, […]

Sulvaris Attending TFI World Fertilizer Conference

We are happy to announce that Sulvaris is attending the TFI World Fertilizer Conference this week from September 12th-14th in Dallas Texas. Come and meet our highly trained executive team to learn about Sulvaris and how we strive to bring innovation to the fertilizer industry.   Jake Underwood – President & COO Dandan Xiang – […]

Sulfur Deficiencies

Sulfur is regarded as the fourth major nutrient input in crop production and is a key component in protein, chlorophyll, and oil in plant tissue. It is also essential for effective crop uptake of nitrogen. Native levels of soil sulfur have been depleting all over the world, higher yielding crops, less atmospheric deposition, and low […]