Sulphur, reinvented.

Ready to grow? Start with Vitasul G, new from Sulvaris. Vitasul G is a unique granular fertilizer. An excellent source of plant nutrient sulphur, Vitasul G disperses quickly and oxidizes rapidly into sulphate to provide better agronomic performance, fast.

Sulphur Pile

Benefits of Vitasul G


  • Sulphate release and crop nutrition in the same season as nutrient application.
  • Good handling characteristics, effective blending, low dust.
  • High nutrient content (90% S).
  • Ideally suited for fall or spring application.
  • Can be broadcast, band, or seedrow applied.
  • Rapid disintegration to microscopic sulphur particles when wetted.
  • Sulphur particles are insoluble, resulting in high soil retention.
  • Fast and consistent conversion to sulphate throughout the growing season.


Vitasul G Product Overview

Vitasul G is a premium product that is truly reinventing sulphur fertilization. It is a 280-310 SGN granule with a guaranteed analysis of 0-0-0-90S. A combination of 90 percent sulphur and a proprietary mix of binders, dispersants, and coating agents provide the granule strength and low dust required to meet fertilizer industry standards, combined with rapid granule dispersion when wetted in the soil.


The Vitasul G Advantage: Rapid Oxidation and Conversion to Sulphate

The dispersed microscopic sulphur particles have an average diameter of less than 1/100 of a millimeter, which enables very rapid conversion into sulphate. The particles are insoluble prior to conversion to sulphate, resulting in high soil retention. This means that with Vitasul G, you have the flexibility to fall- or spring-apply sulphur, and still see excellent same-season response.


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