Agricultural Products by Sulvaris

Higher yields mean a sustainable world and a healthier bottom line.

Our agricultural products have been shown to give better agronomic performance than competitive products in trials conducted in Western Canada, China, and India. At Sulvaris, we convert fundamental inputs into essential value-added products. Learn more about how our groundbreaking products can help crops perform better and maximize your profitability.


Vitasul G

Vitasul G is a groundbreaking, high-analysis sulphur fertilizer product, consisting of granulated super-fine sulphur particles. Learn more about Vitasul »


Sulphur Pile


Carbon Ammonium Sulphate (CAS)

Carbon Ammonium Sulphate (CAS) is produced using biomass, ammonia, and sulphuric acid. It is a source of Plant Nutrient Sulphur, Controlled-Release Nitrogen, carbon, and iron. Find out more about CAS »



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