Over 50 million tonnes of elemental sulphur were produced globally in 2010

Sulphur 101

Sulphur has a wide variety of uses, chief among these being the production of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals.


Almost all elemental sulphur production in any given year is burned to produce sulphuric acid.  Sulphuric acid has a wide variety of uses, but over half of global sulphuric acid consumption takes place in the production of phosphate and sulphate fertilizers.


Why Plant Nutrient Sulphur is Important

Plant Nutrient Sulphur (PNS) is sulphate-form sulphur that is water soluble and available for crop uptake. PNS is an essential building block in the proper development of oil, chlorophyll, and protein in plants.


Sulvaris Vitasul provides an important bridge in the market by converting elemental sulphur directly into a high-analysis product that makes PNS quickly available to the crop.


Why Plant Nutrient Sulphur is Important, Sulphur 101

Almost all elemental sulphur production is burned to manufacture sulphuric acid.

Increased energy demand and production means more elemental sulphur

The picture we currently see is changing. With increased energy demand, oil and gas production is growing which translates into the production of more elemental sulphur as a byproduct.  This is becoming more and more true, as demands prompt increase exploitation of non-traditional energy resources, like sour oil and gas.


Key industry authorities indicate that a significant elemental sulphur surplus is beginning. At the same time, there is a tremendous deficiency in PNS in global agriculture, which is beginning to become a limiting factor in crop production. Sulvaris Vitasul provides a potential solution to both issues.  Find out how »


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